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  • Rylan

    January 21, 2023 at 6:35 am

    You bought the wrong bike for a guy with “with no garage, no lift, and pretty limited tools.”

    You are only 3 days or so in. Do you want to learn a new skill? Buy a load of new tools? Spend the next riding season’s nights and weekends in the garage learning the in’s and out’s of this bike until all the items are fixed?

    Or are you looking for cheap, reliable, fun transportation that is a good use of your time and money?

    If the former, then buy the lifetime membership here, a manual, upgrade the toolbox, garage, etc. and start digging into a bike that probably has a variety of issues that no local mechanic will be able to figure out. Here is where you teach yourself that new skill.

    Or if the latter, sell this bike and buy a Victory created after 2003 when the reliability and trustworthiness of the bike drastically increased.

    There will be no way for me personally, from my desktop in Iowa, to figure out all the things that could be wrong with this bike. There are just so many combination of possibilities.

    When you buy a 1999-2001 Victory you make a pact with the motorcycling gods that you’re an awesome mechanic, with a fully stock garage, and you are ready to tackle whatever silly shit the bike throws at you. Your first 99-01 will always be the one you learn the hard lessons on. But in a week/month/year or however long it takes then you’re left with a bike that is unique, interesting and fun. But damn, what a journey it’ll be to get there.