We Are The Vic Shop

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The Vic Shop is an independent, Victory-only motorcycle shop located in central Iowa. Our mission is to make any Victory model better.

We do this by offering high quality service on past and current Victory models, as well as focusing on future models, new components, and improved service processes. Our customer base extends the whole country over as enthusiasts are attracted to our high quality work and top notch reputation. The Vic Shop brings quality craftsmanship, customer service, and enthusiasm that you would expect for your Victory Motorcycle.

The formation of The Vic Shop was driven by the thought that a high quality motorcycle deserves a high quality shop where your bike is our number one concern. We are not distracted with other brands or other products. We are “All Victory, All the Time”. We aim to care as much about your Victory as we would our own.

While The Vic Shop’s focus leans heavily on engine performance and tuning, we also offer the best routine service, diagnosis, and repair available for your Victory Motorcycle. As an independent shop we are free to offer whatever product or service we feel is needed to best improve your satisfaction with your bike. Flexible, out-of-the-box thinking, teamed with expert execution, and years of experience sets us apart from our competition.

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Just replaced the '00 motor with a destroyed trannie with an '02. Actually, I did not do it. Chose to use the expertise of Rylan Vos, who had me in and out in one day. The bike runs better than ever. He tweaked it after it was running and...oh my, what a grin is still on my face.

Jeff, 2000 V92CSource: www.thevmc.com

Rylan made corrections to what the dealer provided and added his own suggestions. I was impressed by his knowledge. My mind was made up. The dealer 20 miles away was not going to get my business. I would take my bike 800 miles away to have it rebuilt by Rylan, a decision that I have never regretted.

Tim Maes, 1999 V92C

The work was outstanding, the bike ran awesome and the quality of work was top notch. Best part was how clean everything was. When I got the bike back the motor looked like it just came from the factory. Awesome job all the way around!

S Petersen, 2004 Vegas

The bike looks fantastic, sounds awesome and runs better than I’d hoped it would in my wildest dreams! Rylan’s estimate was spot-on, the work was absolutely top-notch and his communication and customer service were off the charts. I love my “new” Sport Cruiser and highly recommend The Vic Shop to anyone looking to get the most performance and the highest quality work you’ll find anywhere!

Ian G. Heller, 2000 V92SC

If you're having your bike serviced at dealerships, you may want to reconsider. The Vic Shop is EXACTLY what I've been looking for! Rylan went out of his way to fit a service into my schedule - add in the fact he's known as one of the best high performance wrenches you can find anywhere, and I see him working on my bike for a long time.

Bryan Schultz, 2007 VegasSource: www.thevmc.com

I had Rylan swap my old '99 motor for a Freedom motor and I highly recommend both Rylan and this mod! If you are thinking of updating an old '99 tranny, and especially if you plan on doing the electrical upgrade as well, DON'T!!! I bought the motor from Rylan and drove the 9 hours (one way) to have Rylan do the work himself and it was well worth it.

JP, 1999 V92CSource: www.thevmc.com