Forum Rules

Hey there! Rylan here.

Thank you for becoming a member and supporting The Vic Shop and community! I hope we can help each other better enjoy our Victory motorcycles. Please remember that The Vic Shop is my home in the real world and online. As such I ask that you show Respect, conduct yourself in an adult manner, and act as you would when standing in front of me and a bunch of strangers in my living room. We are here for Victory motorcycles, and Victory motorcycles only.

Before posting anything in the forums, ask yourself “does this post concern Victory motorcycles?” Ask yourself: is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary? Is it helpful? If the answer is no, maybe what you are about to post should be left unsaid. Please keep all topics related to Victory motorcycles. I take the liberty of heavily moderating anything and everything posted here. No one wants to hear your weird opinions on the state of the world. We just want to hear about your bike! This includes non-Victory avatars, signature lines, user names, pictures, gifs, etc. C’mon – you’re an adult and you know exactly what I’m talking about, don’t make me enforce it and make this awkward, dude. Keep it on topic and enjoy what brought us together today, our motorcycles!