We love our old cruisers.

The Vic Shop is one of the few shops in the country well versed in the “art” of the old Cruisers. Both proprietors of The Vic Shop currently ride V92’s and Rylan has owned several different Cruisers and Sport Cruisers over the years. We have the ability to do any repair, maintenance, tuning, or upgrade work that you require to keep your older V92 Cruiser or Sport Cruiser on the road.

And know how to make them better.

As Polaris slowly fazes out parts for the V92’s, The Vic Shop is here to pick up the pieces and keep your bike on the road. We offer custom appearance, upgrade, and maintenance products for the V92’s. We can fix, replace, or update your original 1999, 2000, or even 2001 transmissions. View more about the Victory V92 transmission history and solutions below.