Power & Performance

This is our bread-and-butter. Known far and wide as the place to have your bike upgraded, The Vic Shop aims to provide proven combinations of parts and expert service that reliably increase the enjoyment of your bike. We generally don’t build race bikes; we built high performance Victory’s that can be ridden everyday on the street. Bikes with more throttle response, smoother operation, excellent economy, and of course MORE POWER! We have combinations of parts for any Victory model new or old. We have combinations that suit any budget or intended power level.

The Vic Shop performance upgrades

Dyno Service

The Vic Shop offers expert dyno services to complement our wide parts selection.  At The Vic Shop we understand that dyno tuning isn’t as much about high peak horsepower numbers, it’s about getting your bike to run well at all engine speeds and conditions, and to quantify gains from changes made.


Visual & Comfort

The Vic Shop also installs the widest array of aftermarket Visual and Comfort Upgrades.  Whether you’re looking for different handlebars, an aftermarket LED kit, your bike lowered, rake kits, or any other aftermarket modification available, The Vic Shop aims to be your one-stop shop to have these parts professionally installed.

Victory Motorcycle visual upgrades