• For local customers this could mean your routine oil changes are given the same attention as our well-known engine building projects.
  • For long-distance customers this could mean that we perform all those bigger projects you’ve been putting off, like fork oil or fuel filter changes.

Most work can be done while you wait, or combined with our performance upgrade services. We pride ourselves on keeping all the typical maintenance parts in stock at all times. We stock and sell OEM parts, as well as aftermarket equivalents.  We cover the whole bike from the tires to the turn signals. Our aim is to be prepared at all times to meet your routine service needs.


When it comes to diagnosing a problem nothing beats having years of experience working on the same product on your side! When you bring your broken Victory to The Vic Shop rest assured it will be quickly and correctly diagnosed. We pride ourselves on very accurate and honest quotes. All work performed is explained in detail. Any changes to quotes are discussed and approved in advance.

We warranty all of our labor, and honor parts manufacturer’s product warranties. If the exceedingly rare occurrence of a mistake happens we will bend over backwards to see it corrected to your satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is our only goal and we hope our feedback shows it. Contact us for details on service recommendations and to set up an appointment.