Fuel pump rebuilding services for all Victory models 2002-2008 (except 2008 Vision)

Fuel pressure too low or high? The Vic Shop is your best option for repairing the fuel pump assemblies in the 2002-2008 bikes. There are many reasons a rebuilt fuel pump assembly is better than buying a new one through Victory:

  • We’ve been rebuilding fuel pump assemblies for many years now and have improved processes and products that exceed OEM spec. This helps lessen the possibility of failure in the future.
  • The Vic Shop warranties their rebuilt assemblies for one year; Victory only has a 90 day warranty.
  • We guarantee at least a $250 savings over buying a new unit through Victory. Sometimes that savings can be much more.

Reasons for failure

Typically the damage to a 2002-2008 fuel pump assembly is from a long period of sitting. The type of pump assemblies used in these model years are more prone to damage from sitting than other styles. When used constantly and often these fuel pump assemblies are very reliable.

Typical damage and costs

Costs can range in price depending on how damaged your parts are. Your cost will also vary depending on what extras you require (like filters and re-installation seals).

  • The minimum charge is $150 parts/labor/return shipping.
  • The maximum charge is $475 P/L/S
  • The average charge is approximately $300 P/L/S

The Vic Shop offers replacement fuel filters, and re-installation seals for the fuel tank if you require them. The Vic Shop will call you and discuss and approve repairs when your parts arrive.


Remove the fuel pump assembly. Let the pump assembly dry out. Wrap the pump assembly up in several layers of plastic and box it up. All we require is the pump assembly located inside the tank, nothing more. Ship through your favorite carrier, being sure to package and insure assuming a $700 replacement cost. MAKE SURE ALL YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION IS IN THE BOX!!! Full name, return shipping address and good daytime phone number. Please include your information so we know who to call when your parts arrive! A phone call or e-mail is not required in order to start the process. All we need is your failed pump assembly and your contact information to show up at our doorstep.


When we receive your parts we’ll assess the damage, call the contact number that you included with your parts, and give you a quote. If all sounds good, the work will be completed and the pump assembly will be shipped back via UPS. Typical turnaround is about 2-3 business days once the parts arrive.