Hours, location and logistics.

Everything you need to know about getting your bike into The Vic Shop.

Booking Information


We specialize in customers that travel from long distances, and many jobs can be done same-day while you wait. In keeping with our high quality customer service we try to be flexible for those dropping off their bikes for long-term work. we’re available to receive or release longer term projects at oddball hours. Call or message us below with any questions you have or for details on the length of time needed for your project.

When to book

The Vic Shop operates 100% by appointment. Lead time on appointments depends on workload, time of year, and what service you require. March through May of course are the busiest season, so book your appointment 4-5 weeks in advance to get your day of choice. Typically we’d like to see a couple of weeks’ notice throughout the year, or even less in the cold Iowa winters.

Local Customers

We love our local guys. If you’re needing a quick oil change or other routine service call for an appointment. We try to be very flexible on squeezing in quick maintenance, or staying late to take in or release your bike. We aim to make The Vic Shop the most convenient and highest rated local shop in Iowa.

Long distance customers

Typically, for same-day work you’ll come to Des Moines the day before, spend the night at the hotel of your choice, then arrive to the shop by 8am on our chosen day. You’ll know beforehand what timeframe to expect, for those within 6 hours of the shop you could be home for supper that night!

Schedule An Appointment

Call (515) 339-4313 to book your appointment today.


Monday through Friday 7am-5pm. Saturdays by special appointment.


The Vic Shop is located north of I-80, just south of Minburn. We’re a 20-minute drive from downtown Des Moines.


The Vic Shop
20957 Northcrest Ave
Minburn, IA 50167