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  • Brad

    December 5, 2023 at 6:59 am

    Oh, definitely, that’s understood. The bike has the signs of Stage 1 being done to it with the vented airbox and exhaust. That being said, I just got the bike as a project and was curious. I hadn’t checked the afr yet. Tires were so cracked I haven’t ridden it. The aforementioned stator issue had killed the battery. With jumper cables the PO was able to get it started, but it did idle ok, and rev up ok. A little black smoke when you rev’d it up a bit, but it came from a town at 7,000 ft elev, the battery was crap, and the fuel was a few months old. I was just happy the fuel pump ran

    In the next few weeks I plan on changing fluids, battery, and fixing the pin on the regulator harness or replace with OEM. I’ll establish a baseline and go from there.