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  • Rylan

    September 26, 2023 at 6:41 am

    I do not know. When the bike gets to a certain age and mileage there are so many factors that I wouldn’t be able to make a guess.

    I’ve had a looooong string of people that leave critical parts of their issues out of their description. Like, we’ll go round and round talking through a weird issue, and only after a weeks worth of emails do I find out “oh, by the way, this bike was totaled, had been on fire, was rebuilt by an idiot, who then stored it outside for a couple of years, then we replaced the wire harness with something we found on Ebay, and so on, and so on. *face palm*

    The answer is usually in the history of the bike. Only when I see the bike in person and say “hey, this frame is burnt and rusty, and this wire harness is routed wrong, the wrong spark plugs are in it, the XXX thing is installed wrong, the YYY thing is upside down, and so on until we whittle down all the little issues that built up to where you are now.

    The parts about your message that raised my eyebrows were: it eats through relays? Weird, never seen that before. And then you said something about a “current issue”. What’s the current issue? This is where you tell me the stock voltage regulator was replaced by a cheap Amazon import (or whatever) and then I say “well shit, you should have said that right off the bat!”

    Basically start from where the bike was running flawlessly, analyze the changes that were made after that, and BE HONEST with yourself. Don’t ever say “well it can’t be the XXX part, I just bought a new one! Well, it can’t be the XXX thing, my Harley never had a problem with a XXX thing.

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