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Home Forums 2002-2007 Model Years Popping and oil leaking from headgasket. Reply To: Popping and oil leaking from headgasket.

  • Rylan

    September 8, 2023 at 5:00 am

    “I did speak with the previous owner, his “mechanic” friend had pulled that head apparently to inspect the valves on the engine at one point.”

    HEY! Now we’re on to something! It all goes back to my mantra about fixing your bike: What is the history?

    I don’t need a video anymore. I believe you. It would have been nice for you if you’d known this right off the bat. “Hey, some idiot has tried to rebuild this engine and now it’s leaking and blowing smoke” makes so much more sense than “We can only assume this bike is stock and unmolested and it’s blowing smoke from the head gasket.”