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  • Keith

    September 3, 2023 at 11:00 am

    Sorry after re reading I came off like I am new to bikes and so on which far from it. I have a good amount of experience fixing my own bikes. Been an automotive mechanic for 30 years so that helps. What I was meaning was would it be a total waste to even mess with. This wouldn’t be my transportation as due to an injury i am lucky if get to put 2000 miles a year on “daily” bike. But I’m far from the collector you speak of. Only have one other bike.

    I did end up buying it though as he was the second owner and got it even cheaper. He bought it with 1700 miles and gave me the papers where he bought it along with most of the repairs he had done. Shows a stage 2 upgrade but doesn’t explain if that’s the chip or what. It does have the alternator upgrade which I double checked myself, also had the wiring harness redone. The trans had not been upgraded though. (Thank you for you video on the bike as it showed me exactly what to look for on the charging and trans)

    It runs and rides great but does have the clunky shifts. No slips or drops out of gear though. After your comment though I am debating on selling/trading it out or using to roll out here and there and run it around a little. Seems like it’s a chance it maybe a fun bike or a total nightmare lol. Or maybe parts.