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  • Kent

    March 12, 2023 at 1:22 pm

    Hello everyone! I’m Kent from Milford Michigan. I’m a new lifetime member of the page, long time lover of The Vic Shop! I took my Vic that I bought new (2017 CCT) into The Vic Shop back on 8-20-18 when it had 18240 miles on it. I have driven my CCT to every state except Alaska (plans of Alaska this July) (Hawaii I cheated and flew the stock cams with me, rented a bike and road around with my Vic cams in the saddle bags haha) Here’s what Rylan and Gabe (back when Gabe was still there and they were in DeSoto IA) did for me: Black Powercoat Belt Cover, Primary, Timing Cover, Valve Covers. Primary Gasket, 2 Soft Exhaust Gaskets, LSC 505 Cams, Lloydz Airfilter, Dyno Tune, Battery Tender Lead, Spark Plugs, Underdrive Pulley, Cam Cover, Primary Insert, Oil Change with filter, Electric Closeout rear exhaust, Freedom True Dual Exhaust, Maximus Victory Tuner. This was the first time I have ever been invited back to watch a mechanic work on something instead of being forced to wait in the lobby/show room. The transparency and honesty of cost and allowing me to see what they are doing on my bike was a breath of fresh air as I don’t usually let anyone else work on motorcycles I ride. The bike now has a little over 54,000 miles with only thing that I have done on it mechanically speaking is oil, tires, 2 regulator rectifiers (only one was bad turned out to be multiple wires broke in the loom of the wiring harness), wash the air filter, 1 new battery, 2 40 Amp main breakers, and 1 complete wiring harness. Obviously you are all here because you know how reliable Rylan is but I can’t speak enough about how valuable it is to have someone like him in the Vic community. I found out about this forum from Rylan when he was able to diagnose my 40 Amp main breaker issue that I “KNEW” couldn’t be the problem because I just changed it… But I ride in a lot of rain, snow, and salt so yet again Rylan saves the day! Thanks again!