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  • Karl

    September 7, 2022 at 9:36 am

    Ok. Now it’s my turn. With the added difficulty of being in Spain.

    My 2010 Victory Vision Tour with 99.000kms has a spongy rear brake pedal. After reading several posts and learning about this well known problem, I took my bike to the Indian official garage in Madrid. Unfortunatley there aren’t many Victories around in Spain.

    They bleeded the breaks, but it showed no improvement. When I press the break, it only shows effect at the very bottom as if it had no power steering, but if I press it again it breaks as it should.

    The garage asked the Polaris headquarters in Spain and they gave them new bleeding procedure instructions (including leaving the bike several hours). They just did it, but unformtunatly with no improvement.

    I’m running out of ideas…