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  • Robertjustbob212

    August 17, 2022 at 7:45 am

    Name is Bob. Long time Victory owner rider. 1st bike was an 02 V92TCD. I put 165k (+/-) on it before I purchased my 1st Vision in 2009, an 09 TP. I rode it for 3 years and then had an issue with the tyranny 2d shift fork gave up the ghost. AZ Victory had my bike for 9 months and it wasn’t fixed. I finally broke down (😁) and ordered a 2013 Vision Tour Premium. I ordered it with Lloyd’s Cams and a PCV with Thunder Sticks. I had been riding that bike since then until a couple of weeks ago when the clutch gave up on me.

    I managed to get home and I pulled my 2011 VTP from the stable. As far as I know this bike has had the Thrush muffler upgrade and a PCV with wide band oxygen sensors and uses auto-tune. I don’t know the history of this bike. I do know it runs very well it is pleasing to the eye (white pearl) and gets great gas mileage. .

    So far my mileage for my trip is at 1948.5 miles. Only 1/2 way through it.