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Fuel Pumps & Assembly Rebuilds

All 2002-2008 Models  
As time marches on, more and more fuel pump assemblies from 2002-2008 bikes are failing.  Due to the high cost of Victory's new factory units, The Vic Shop offers a more cost-effective solution: reconditioning.  If you send your pump assembly, I will not only address the problems that have been troubling you, but will also return it to a "better-than-stock" condition by correcting additional known issues.

Costs and Procedures: Prices typically vary from $125 - $275+ depending on customer needs.  For service, remove entire assembly from tank and package securely.  **Please be sure to include a copy of your contact information with the shipment.  When received, I will diagnose and notify you of final cost, at which point I can accept a credit card by phone should you decide to proceed.  Your pump assembly will be tested to ensure proper operation before being returned.  Standard turn-around time is 24-48 hours upon receipt.

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1999-2001 Fuel Pumps  

I also sell replacement fuel pumps for your V92 "C" and "SC" as well as replacement filters.  Both pump and filter are OEM, brand new, made in the USA, and cost significantly less than purchasing through your dealer.

Still have questions??
Please feel free to contact me by phone at any time to further discuss fuel pumps.

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